Teapot made from cast iron with saucer in red.

Teapot: 16x14xH14.5cm, 0.65 liter, ca. 1550g

Saucer: 17.5xH1.5cm

Kiku No. 7 - Red

SKU: kiku7red
  • Traditional iron teapots (Nanbuteki in Japanese 南部鉄器) have over 400 years of history centered around the city of Morioka in northern Japan. Some teapots are hundreds of years old and are still used in the traditional tea ceremony Sa-Dou.

    Each teapot is handmade and hand painted made by a craftsman. Each teapot is unique with the warmth and aesthetics of Japanese Wabi-Sabi (minimalism, stillness, humility).

    Traditionally the teapot is black, but our artisans have expanded the production process to give the tradition a contemporary twist. The sand, which is used to make the mold is particularly finely sieved, making the surface finer than with normal iron goods. Afterwards the teapot is painted in two layers and then one gets partially removed for a bitonal effect. Overall more than 30 production steps are necessary to make this handmade masterpiece.